Pool Relining

You can fibreglass a new swimming pool or refurbish an old pool by doing a fibre glass relining.
When doing fibreglass lining it is very important to use the right material. The application of the resin and fibreglass is very important.

Fibreglass lined concrete swimming pools have all of the qualities of pre-formed, factory-moulded pools. In fibreglass lined pools, the structural strength is provided by the concrete or brick structure of the pool. The surface finish of a fibreglass lined pool is smoother and less porous than gunite or marbelite plaster. Fibreglass linings are applied to existing gunite or marbelite pools either for cosmetic reasons, to offer an attractive finish, which is strong, durable, and requires minimal maintenance, or for functional reasons, to provide a waterproof lining for pools that are prone to leaking.

In either case, the fibreglass lining will provide a skin that is strong, durable, requires minimal maintenance and homeowners are finding that fibreglass lined pools tend to be stronger, more durable and have less problems with surface degradation or cracking than conventional pool material. Fibreglass reinforced polyester composite materials, is the material that is revolutionising the pool industry by keeping water in whilst maintaining it's good appearance and ease of maintenance.
Compared to a concrete or marbelite pool, a fibreglass lined pool is generally less costly to maintain on a monthly basis. This is important to the pool owner, because a clean pool is a healthy pool.

The savings come about through significant reductions in the chemicals required during summer, to maintain well balanced, crystal-clear water, as well as a reduction in wear and tear on automatic pool cleaning equipment, due to the tough, durable, but smooth surface of the fibreglass lining compared with the relatively rough surface of marbelite plaster.

There are many benefits to owning a fibreglass lined swimming pool:

  • Leak-proof and provides a smooth, attractive finish.
  • A fibreglass lining is less costly to maintain because there are no seams, no joins, the surface is smooth and less prone to fading or discolouration.
  • Salt water chlorination can be used in these pools.
  • They are significantly less prone to fading or discolouration.
  • The smooth surface of the pool reduces the risk of bacterial build-up.
  • The relining of a swimming pool with fibreglass is a fast and relatively simple operation if carried out by a reputable, experienced pool company.
  • Virtually any shape and size pool can be lined with glass fibre.
  • Resin material for pool lining are of the highest quality and have been thoroughly tested.
  • If applied correctly, fibreglass lined pools will have a lifespan far in excess of concrete or marble plastered pools.

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