Marblelite Pools

Marbelite is a coloured finishing plaster with a cement base used for coating concrete or gunite pool surfaces. Marbelite is applied in a single day to avoid creating any appearance of joints in the surface. Once installed, the material creates a marbled-looking surface after water is added to the pool, increasing the attractiveness of the pool while adding to its value.
After being mixed with water marbelite cures in around 12hrs. It develops into a very tough material which is comparable to that of stone. When applied correctly as it should be marbelite will last a lifetime and give a luxurious look and finish to any pool. For these reasons marbelite is the no1 choice for pools.
Marbelite is available in a number of colours

Caring for your marblelite pool

  • You should begin filling your pool with water immediately after weíve installed the marbelite, unless youíve been advised otherwise. You should also begin filtering the pool immediately to decrease calcium build-up and to ensure proper pool circulation for chemical distribution.
  • Ensure your poolís filtration system is properly functioning at all times to maintain clear, sanitary water conditions.
  • Whenever possible, only use name-brand products when treating your poolís water. Donít be tempted by cheaper imitation products that may contain damaging additives.
  • Try to keep your marbelite surface wet and clean of debris. Please note that if some crazing should appear, itís perfectly normal and will disappear after the marbelite has finished absorbing its moisture.
  • For the first two weeks, you will need to clean your pool daily with a non-metallic brush and vacuum, but avoid using a vacuum with wheels that may scuff the surface.
  • Your poolís pH level may seem a little high for a few weeks, but be aware that this is normal. It should decrease with continued use. The desired pH level lies between 7.4 and 7.6. If it doesnít decrease over time, contact us.
  • When the pool is not being used for the season, be sure to cover it with a pool cover.
  • Always try to keep the water level above your new marbelite finish to avoid crazing, delamination or discoloration.

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