Fibreglass Pools

Premoulded fibreglass pools are by far the quickest and cheapest option. However the buyer is restricted to the colours, shapes and sizes on offer from the factory. They are preformed in a factory and transported to the site for installation. No finish is required during installation, as the fibreglass has already been coated with a gel coat satin finish during construction in the factory.
Fibreglass is a non-porous material, this means that chemicals in your water will last longer leading to lower maintenance costs; fibreglass shells also retains heat longer than other pool surfaces. The surface is smooth; this reduces the time spent on cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool. The gel-coat finish also adds to a seamlessly clean cut look and feel. Penguin pools fibreglass shells are manufactured using only the best quality materials available; thus increasing the lifespan of the shell.

In the case of fibreglass pools proper weekly chemical and cleaning maintenance is a must for protecting the fibreglass pool’s gel coat finish. The ring that forms around the pool wall from body oils and suntan lotions is easily removed with nonabrasive tile or vinyl cleaners. Do not use anything abrasive, as it will permanently damage the gel coat finish.

The gel coat satin finish makes it impossible to scratch or irritate the skin while swimming. It is also very smooth so algae cannot grip onto the sides, which makes it a far healthier option. The fibreglass pool never has to be drained for acid washing, marbeliting or repainting. A lot less chemicals will be needed because of this factor. The water in fibreglass pools will always be a few degrees warmer than the concrete option.

When we think of concrete we all tend to believe it is the best way to go as it is strong and durable. The fibreglass pool is as strong, and in unstable conditions such as clay, if correctly installed, the fibreglass can stretch without cracking.

Although you are restricted by the shapes and sizes available, you can still be creative with the pool fixtures and add-ons and create an entertainment area to be proud of.

Available fibreglass shells


2,000m x 3,000m x 0,950m
Shell complete: R12 608
Kit complete: R23 707
Semi-Installed: R35 530
Semi with coping: R39 803
Full install stone: R46 018


2,300m x 3,500m x 1,100m
Shell complete: R14 153
Kit complete: R25 252
Semi-Installed: R37 970
Semi with coping: R42 788
Full install stone: R49 121


2,800m x 3,300m x 1,300m
±12 012L
Shell complete: R19 968
Kit complete: R31 067
Semi-Installed: R46 161
Semi with coping: R52 041
Full install stone: R59 504


2,000m x 3,400m x 1,400m
±10 472L
Shell complete: R18 885
Kit complete: R29 984
Semi-Installed: R44 690
Semi with coping: R50 461
Full install stone: R57 806


3,000m x 4,000m x 1,000m - 1,300m
±13 800L
Shell complete: R19 305
Kit complete: R30 404
Semi-Installed: R45 964
Semi with coping: R51 992
Full install stone: R59 760

Las Vegas

3,000m x 4,000m x 1,300m
±16 800L
Shell complete: R21 625
Kit complete: R32 724
Semi-Installed: R49 696
Semi with coping: R55 724
Full install stone: R63 492


3,000m x 5,000m x 1,000m - 1,500m
±18 750L
Shell complete: R22 105
Kit complete: R33 204
Semi-Installed: R51 378
Semi with coping: R57 571
Full install stone: R65 621


3,000m x 5,000m x 1,300m
±21 000L
Shell complete: R26 071
Kit complete: R37 170
Semi-Installed: R55 877
Semi with coping: R62 070
Full install stone: R70 120


3,500m x 5,200m x 1,000m - 1,500m
±21 875L
Shell complete: R24 884
Kit complete: R35 983
Semi-Installed: R54 913
Semi with coping: R61 188
Full install stone: R69 474


3,000m x 6,000m x 1,000m - 1,600m
±23 400L
Shell complete: R26 071
Kit complete: R37 170
Semi-Installed: R57 191
Semi with coping: R63 548
Full install stone: R71 904

New York

3,100m x 6,000m x 1,000m - 1,500m
±22 500L
Shell complete: R27 874
Kit complete: R38 973
Semi-Installed: R58 599
Semi with coping: R65 462
Full install stone: R74 371


3,400m x 7,000m x 0,900m - 1,600m
±27 300L
Shell complete: R35 509
Kit complete: R46 608
Semi-Installed: R69 663
Semi with coping: R76 757
Full install stone: R86 089


3,500m x 7,000m x 1,000m - 1,600m
±31 850L
Shell complete: R35 124
Kit complete: R46 223
Semi-Installed: R70 000
Semi with coping: R77 110
Full install stone: R86 489


3,100m x 8,000m x 1,000m - 1,500m
±31 200L
Shell complete: R34 456
Kit complete: R45 555
Semi-Installed: R69 235
Semi with coping: R76 427
Full install stone: R85 995


3,800m x 8,000m x 1,000m - 1,700m
±51 680L
Shell complete: R40 321
Kit complete: R51 420
Semi-Installed: R82 641
Semi with coping: R89 965
Full install stone: R99 744


4,000m x 8,000m x 1,000m - 1,700m
±43 200L
Shell complete: R39 388
Kit complete: R50 487
Semi-Installed: R78 349
Semi with coping: R85 706
Full install stone: R95 555

Explanation of terms

Shell complete: Shell only
Kit complete: DIY kit form (plummbed shell, filter and pump)
Semi-Installed: Installation of pool
Semi with coping: Installation of pool with coping
Full install stone: Installation of pool with coping and paving
Spa pool conversion: R6800-00
Transport fee: R15/km over 300km & R400 (tollgates additional) Pretoria and Johannesburg R1000

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